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Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello Everybody!

Last week I told you that if you teach U.S. History or any Social Studies for that matter you would be in for a surprise!  Well, the surprise is that TpT is having its annual Back to School Sale and my entire store is 28% off!  That means bundles, caricatures, cloze reading quizzes…EVERYTHING! 

Here are a few products I'm highlighting that I think you’d enjoy in your classrooms:

When I first started teaching 17 years ago I remember feeling overwhelmed because I didn’t have a supply of materials to fall back on, I didn’t know how long anything would take, and I was just trying to survive to the bell at the end of the day without any major mishaps.  This bundle gives you 15 different products I’ve used throughout my career that are tried and true and will give you a little breathing room during the day to focus on planning future lessons for yourself. 

This is one of those subjects that you can easily lecture on or show a short video, but why not have your students make a connection to what it was like for the colonists’ struggles to organize a new government?  This activity will give the basics of the Articles of Confederation as well as lead them through an activity comparing their relationship with their parents, which tricks them into realizing the relationship the new government has in regard to its citizens. 

Where’s the Buried Treasure?  30 Latitude & Longitude Treasure Hunts!:
I’ve found over the years that with the invention of GPS technology that the art of knowing how to find a location manually is a bit of a lost art.  These treasure hunts are great to begin class with.  Each student gets the same treasure hunt and an atlas and has to use the coordinates given to try and find which country is at each location.  When they are done, they’ll use the first letter of each country they found to spell out the name of the country where the treasure is buried.  

When I first started teaching U.S. History I taught the way I was taught – I lectured.  Then I realized after sitting through staff meeting after staff meeting that the excruciating pain I was feeling sitting there being talked at while I remained silent and motionless was the way my students were feeling - even with as interesting as I thought I was to them.  Therefore I dedicated my time to creating ways for students to be “doing” more instead of sitting passively.  

I teach middle school, which can definitely be a difficult time for both parents and their teens.  Most of the time the arguments they encounter are based off of each side not realizing that they’re on the same side, but just not understanding the other's point of view.  This activity has both teenager and parent assess their relationship through a series of statements. They score their assessments and then compare answers with each other - hopefully talking about why they were off on certain ones.  

Above all, TpT has a world of teachers offering their lessons and activities that have made their lives easier.  I hope you find something in my store during this sale that will help make your life easier this year while keeping more money in your pocket with the 28% in savings!

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