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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

As part of the Week 2:“Dare to Dream” TpT Seller Challenge I’ve decided to put those dreams of mine down on paper.  Well, down on a computer screen anyway. 

Dream #1: TpT/Woodworking Full-Time
After 16 years in the classroom teaching middle school Social Studies, I could totally see taking the experiences I’ve had and the lessons I’ve created to turn that into a sustainable business via TpT.  My favorite part of teaching has always been creating lessons and activities to help my students learn better and TpT has given me an outlet to generate an income while doing so. 

I also run a woodworking store on Etsy called Along the Ridge where I specialize in making picture and mirror frames out of slabs of wood that still have the natural edge intact.  This is also a creative outlet that allows me to escape into my happy place of shavings and sawdust.  My store can be found at or at

Dream #2: 48 States in 48 Days Trip
This has been a trip I’ve wanted to do for about 20 years now.  When I was younger I didn’t have the money to do so, and now that I’m 20 years older I haven’t been able to convince my wife and kids that being in the car for 48 days would be, well, fun. 
The idea behind the trip would be to pick a handful of interesting places, historical landmarks, or geological features in each state that I’d like to have seen in real life. 

I’ve never actually mapped out the entire route so now I’ve just added another thing to my list.

Dream #3: Set up a Travel Fund for My Daughters
I didn’t come from the type of family that had a lot of extra money to do things.  Therefore, travelling around the country never really happened.  We went to Phoenix when my sister was considering going to grad school at ASU, but other than that, the vacations involved in state trips riding in the back of a station wagon that involved visiting relatives. 

I had a student tell me a few years back that nobody needs to travel anymore because they can just look at everything on the Internet.  We had a talk about seeing a place versus experiencing a place. 

I want my daughters to be able to experience the world for themselves or with their families someday and not have to worry about whether or not they can afford it.  My wife and I would love to be able to have $50k for both of them that they get when they turn 30.  By then they’ll most likely have settled into being a “grown up,” which I laugh at because I’m turning 40 in August and I don’t feel like a grown up yet! 

Dream #4: Research My Family History and Travel to the Beginning
As a history teacher I’m a huge fan of the past and the stories that the past provides us.  Seeing the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights in the National Archives is always really cool for me because it’s the real deal. 

I haven’t researched my family history yet, but have always meant to start.  I’d like to travel to the places my ancestors have lived and find out about their lives and make a book for my daughters about how they got here. 

My parents aren’t getting any younger and I think my Dad would love to find out our family’s story. 

Now that I look back at my list it seems as though I’m seeking experiences and that my dream is to make these things happen.  The working on it part, well, I’m working on it. 

Hopefully you're working on yours as well!
Matt @ Surviving Social Studies

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