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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stock Market Activity

If you are looking for a fun way to teach students about the stock market have I got an activity for you! 

Stock Market Activity
I have used this in the past as a way for students to understand the power of purchasing stocks and the fluctuations in the stock market.  This activity has got even my most reluctant learners to participate because everyone wants to win. 

The students are given $50,000 to invest in 10 different companies and use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that has all of the calculations they need embedded in the spreadsheet.  The students are directed to the NASDAQ web site and away they go. 

You can set this up as a contest whenever you want.  I'm going to start this half-way through the 3rd quarter this year and have the competition run until the last week of school.  You'll have students that put the NASDAQ app on their phones and will get stock updates that they'll tell you about. 

I've found it helps students understand how much money can be made and lost as well as the impact of the global market. 


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