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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Do student teachers have it easier now than 20 years ago?

I was having a conversation with a fellow co-worker about how today's student teachers don't seem as stressed about student teaching as we were when we went through it.  As I think back to 1999, I remember wanting to show a three-minute clip from a documentary for one of my classes.  That involved me setting up my VCR to tape it when it came on TV, taking that tape to the school and fast-forward to the spot I wanted, recording it onto another tape with our dubbing system, checking out a TV/VCR cart and finally having it ready for class.

Now, I search for a clip on YouTube, and I'm done.  3 hours of time down to 20 seconds.

However, I believe it is a different generation with different needs that our student teachers are teaching.

Who had it easier?  Hard to say.

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  1. Based on your example and my own experience I'd say they do at least in the AV presentation area. But then again not being very techy savy I'd have a heck of a time with todays teaching "gadgets."... Good luck with you new blog. Have fun!